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Driving Lessons As They Should Be

So - What will Your Driving Lessons Be Like?

At Vic's Driving School, we only use tried and tested methods of teaching as recommended by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency).

Beginner's lessons follow the below set pattern;

  • 1st Lesson - is all about the controls within the driving school car.
  • 2nd Lesson - will be moving off and making normal controlled stops.
  • Follow on Lessons include - approach to turn left and right major to minor road and junctions emerging to left and right.
  • Subsequent Lessons - will very much depend on the rate at which you progress.

Where you live may make a slight difference to the order of your driving lessons. For example; Stevenage has a lot of roundabouts, so we would put this in fairly early following 'Emerging'.

We try to teach the 'Emergency Stop' early on, dependent upon your ability and how relaxed you are.

Although following a set pattern, we will always progress at a pace which is comfortable to you the learner, after all, these are your driving lessons. As your driving instructor, I can assure you that I possess the experience and perception to be able to adjust the pace of your lessons to suit your learning style and progress.

Each lesson, although varying in content, will be structured in the same way;

  • An explanation of the task to be learnt
  • The opportunity to see a demonstration
  • A full guided talk through
  • Practical Lesson

This structure means that a learner driver is able to feel confident and comfortable with the process which will soon become familiar, allowing them to concentrate on the business of learning to drive.

Mistakes may be made but these will be used to help the learning process allowing a learner driver to gain confidence and improve skills. To Book your lesson - Go Here